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Waajid Aljawwaad Bey

Waajid Aljawwaad Bey was the trusted adviser of Yusuf Ali Bey, the founder of Your Black Muslim Bakery. In fact, the 51-year-old accountant and bakery business manager was so close to Bey that the ailing patriarch named him his successor as he lay dying of cancer in September 2003.    Born Carl Hambrick, he grew […]

Daulet Bey

Daulet Bey, 50, is the mother of eight children of the late Yusuf Ali Bey. Two of her sons, Antar and Yusuf Ali Bey IV, successively took control of Your Black Muslim Bakery and its enterprises after the elder Bey’s handpicked successor mysteriously disappeared and then turned up dead in the Oakland hills. Born Diane […]

John Muhammad Bey

John Muhammad Bey, 44 is the former head of UD Security, part of the multi-faceted empire of Your Black Muslim Bakery. Born John Garin Ayers, he was a “spiritually adopted son” and old-guard confidante of bakery founder Yusuf Ali Bey I, who built a business empire of bakery outlets, dry cleaning and security companies in […]

Jane Doe 1

When Jane Doe 1 went to the Oakland Police Department for help in spring 2002, it was not for herself. She believed that her daughter had been sexually molested by the girl’s father — Yusuf Ali Bey, the founder of Your Black Muslim Bakery. Jane Doe 1 had her own story of sexual assault, however, […]

U.S. Trustee Tevis Thompson

Tevis Thompson, 61, was appointed the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee for the liquidation of Your Black Muslim Bakery and its assets. Heavily mortgaged over the previous three years, the bakery had been taken into voluntary bankruptcy by Yusuf Bey IV, in an effort to stave off creditors. After failing to make required filings or make […]

Highlights gathered from documents, recordings

Highlights gathered from documents and recordings obtained by The Chauncey Bailey Project.

Key players

Profiles of people involved in the Chauncey Bailey case.

Secret video raises questions about bakery leader’s role in Bailey killing

Secret video raises questions about bakery leader’s role in Bailey killing

Your Black Muslim Bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV kept the gun used to kill journalist Chauncey Bailey in his closet after the attack and bragged of playing “hella dumb” when investigators asked him about the shooting, according to a secretly recorded police video.

Van owner: I gave the keys to Bey IV

In Devaunghdre Broussard’s confession that lead to police charging him with Chauncey Bailey’s murder, he claimed he drove to the killing alone in a borrowed white van.

Bankruptcy court trustee pitches deal with Your Black Muslim Bakery CEO’s mother

The bankruptcy court trustee in charge of liquidating Your Black Muslim Bakery has suggested a settlement that would let the mother of the destitute and defunct community institution’s final two CEOs keep some of what once was bakery property.

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