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Judge sets bail at nearly $5.5 million for members of Oakland’s Black Muslim Temple(0)

October 24, 2014

HAYWARD — A judge on Thursday set a combined bail of nearly $5.5 million for seven people charged in a massive fraud scheme allegedly run out of a Black Muslim temple in Oakland.

Judge sets bail at nearly $5.5 million for members of Oakland’s Black Muslim Temple

Seven arrested in raid on Black Muslim Temple in Oakland

OAKLAND — In sweeping charges alleging public contract fraud, forged real estate deals and identity theft stretching from Alameda to Orange counties, authorities on Tuesday arrested a Black Muslim minister, his mother and five others, saying they ran a wide-ranging scam through a private security firm that falsely claimed its guards were retired Navy SEALs and its leader a former FBI agent.

Disciple of Your Black Muslim Bakery raises new group in Oakland

Nearly seven years after Your Black Muslim Bakery collapsed following the slaying of journalist Chauncey Bailey and two other murders committed by bakery members, Dahood Bey, 42, has emerged as the leader of an insular organization many thought extinct.

Port of Oakland unanimously rejects Black Muslim security firm’s bid to guard shoreline parks

OAKLAND — Admitting they nearly entered into a deal with a questionable security company now under investigation, Port of Oakland commissioners on Thursday vowed to revamp their contracting process.

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