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Slideshow: Michael J. Wills Jr.

Reporter Bob Butler reviews the life of Michael J. Wills Jr. A grand jury indicted Yusuf Bey IV and Antoine Mackey April 29 for killing Wills on July 12, 2007, allegedly because Wills was white.(read more)

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  1. Goliath says:

    I watched this yet again and still miss him tremendously. He was a beacon for a lot fo people while he was here. Now that he’s gone, he’s become a beacon for me. A week doesn’t go by when I don’t wonder if he’d approve of what I’m doing, and teh direction I’m heading. A tragic loss. Here’s another slideshow you can check out if you like.

    Rest In Peace brother!

  2. David Pousho says:

    I was Mike’s best friend for 15 years. I played guitar, Mike played bass and sang in the band Creamsickle in San Jose, CA. With Cole Berggren on drums, we spent a lot of time playing gigs around the bay area. We grew up together, all of us. We put out a record or two, but what’s more important is that music communicates and helps some have a more fulfilling life. Mike and I were linked in a musical world together. At Mike’s funeral, his dad told me Mike loved me, and I knew that to be true. I miss him dreadfully every day. I love you, Mike -Dave

  3. Aunt Jo says:

    3 Years, 8 months and 14 days since I lost my #1 Nephew. As I sit here in Montana where Mike’s Mother lives and send my Sister and her Husband off to CA to sit through the trial of his murder, I can’t help but be angry. Our Family will never be the same, our lives have been changed forever. We miss him horribly. Mike taught me alot in the short time he was with us. The number one thing he taught me was…. “There’s only one Race…the Human Race”. What a shame, what a way to go. I hope justice WILL PROVALE. I love you Mike..Until we see each other on the other side.
    Love Aunt Jo

  4. Abdus says:

    ,…these simpletons remind me of nazi’s.( although far less successful ) . inside; everything they do is just raw and elementary. it’s a super joke until they ravage their vulnerable. they lie daily. their chosen ‘theologies ‘ are as legitimate as social darwinism. in their case especially, the larger picture suggets education is the only thing that will save ‘ us ‘ and us from them. the smaller; my own M8, could serve only as a temporary fix. im still torn.

  5. Cole says:

    Wow. Seeing this is a shocking reminder to me of some great memories of one of my closest friends. From the time i met him in the early 90’s, Mike was one of the funniest, and most creative people in any circle of friends he took part in. I’m smiling now remembering some of his gems. While we were estranged at the time of his pointless murder, i owe him a lot of who i am. As the drummer in the band he payed in with Dave, the two of them influenced me and taught me a lot about music, and indirectly, life itself. Such a tragic end to one of the more gifted and artistic men i’ve ever known. ~*~

  6. Laura Henderson says:

    I’ve known Mike since kindergarten and knew that he passed away a few years ago but was SHOCKED to see him featured on the news tonight along with the murder verdict of the Chauncey Bailey case. Even though we we grew up together through high school it was funny that we then lived across the street from each other in downtown SJ with only the 280 onramp to keep us apart (but not our water baloons!).

    Mike, I will miss you always as a childhood friend and an “adult” compadre… and I think your little bro (Patrick?) was my parents paperboy as a kid so maybe that makes us even closer….


  7. Steve says:

    I’m happy for the City of Oakland that these criminals are off the street. Thank you to the Chauncey Bailey Project for keeping me informed all along the way. I will miss my dear friend Mike always. Peace Brother.

  8. Osie Foster says:

    I just read the post I made & I should have obviously stated (maybe not so obviously stated), I am a Black Woman.

  9. Melissa says:

    May Mike’s memory be a blessing.

  10. Robin says:

    Four years have gone by. It’s not the same without Michael. Some have worked deligently on his behalf of which we are grateful. We miss him and all that he brought to us by just being himself. A smile comes to mind as we reminisce remembering his personality, sense of humor, talents and all that made him who he was. I’m proud of what he accomplished in his 36 years and wonder as most Moms do .. what if ..

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