Chauncey Bailey Project

Chauncey Bailey: life and work

Chauncey Bailey: life and work
Chauncey Bailey: life and work
Slain journalist Chauncey Bailey was a controversial figure in his hometown of Oakland, Ca., challenging people on his television show and in both the mainstream and ethnic press. This series of videos explores Bailey’s life through archival footage and recent interviews with his friends and colleagues.

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  1. Sharon Dixon says:

    I met Mr Bailey, whe I was a junior in high school here in Detroit. He was my mentor and my first real crush! He was so passionate and excited about jornalism,he inspired me to write and be the best at anything I set out to do. I had spoken to him in June of 2007, and to my surprise he remembered me, and that made me feel so important. He had just gotten his position as the editor-in-chief of the Oakland press. Miss him dearly

  2. Debbie (Singletary) says:

    I was sitting in my room reminicing about growing up in Hayward and started googling people from my past. When I typed in Chauncy’s name, I was shocked and saddend. I knew him at the at of 13 as “Skippy” – that’s what we used to call him. I only lived in Hayward and went to Hayward High for a short period of time, but I had become friends with him and Lorelie who lived on the same cul-de-sac as I did. I’ve always told my husband that living in Hayward was the best time of my teenage life. It was because of friends like Skippy and Lorelie. It’s wonderful only to know that he did well in his life and tried to make a difference. My condolences goes out to his family and I pray that God will give them the peace they need to carry on in knowing he left a beautiful legacy.

  3. Yansa M.Toussaint says:

    I met Chauncey Bailey in 1997 at Soulbeat Television where he had a show. We became friends and had friendly discussions about current events happening in Oakland,California. Chauncey was a wonderful charming man who loved beautiful ladies with long hair and was always accompanied by one at various social events in Oakland. The Soulbeat Family as we called ourselves took a wonderful cruise to Ensenada,Mexico in 1999 and Chauncey Bailey accompanied us along with comedian Luenelle. The cruise I took amongst Soulbeat Family members with Chauncey and Luenelle providing us with laughs was one of the best times I had in my life. My memory of Chauncey is a happy one and my heart and condolences goes out to his family for Mr.Bailey was a wonderful editor,friend and family member. May he rest in peace. I also hope that the people involved in Chauncey’s senseless murder are prosecuted and executed for taking such a beautiful life.

  4. Gwen says:

    I first met Chauncey (Skip as we knew him) in my freshman year at San Jose State. He was the roommate of my boyfriend so I got to know him well. It was Skip who read some of my writing and suggested I switch to journalism. I am not alone here as it seems he sparked many a career in the field. I will forever remember Skip’s passion and fearlessness in those heady days of protest and politics. That he has been killed in the line of duty, sadly, does not surprise me – his goal was to get to the truth. That Skip dies doing what he was best at cements this driven, passionate journalist as one of the best journalist of our time. RIP my friend.

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