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U.S. Trustee Tevis Thompson

Tevis Thompson, 61, was appointed the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee for the liquidation of Your Black Muslim Bakery and its assets. Heavily mortgaged over the previous three years, the bakery had been taken into voluntary bankruptcy by Yusuf Bey IV, in an effort to stave off creditors. After failing to make required filings or make payments, howeve, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Jellen ordered the bakery business liquidated. The fourth-generation Californian and Oakland native has been a corporate financial manager and run a consultant business prior to becoming a trustee.

In March 2008, he raised $285 by auctioning the bakery’s photos that had adorned its walls for nearly 40 years, after receiving queries about their disposition. Many former members of the bakery purchased them. The bakery property itself went for $1.05 million. Thompson sued bakery matriarch Daulet Bey, charging that she had held three bakery properties worth $2.28 million in an effort to shield them from creditors.

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