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Tamon Halfin

Tamon Halfin (Oakland Police Department)
Tamon Halfin (Oakland Police Department)

Tamon Halfin (Oakland Police Department)

Tamon Halfin is an associate of the Your Muslim Bakery. He is charged in three separate criminal cases ranging from real estate fraud to abduction and torture.

The 21-year-old Halfin was among several bakery members arrested during a Aug. 3, 2007, police raid stemming from the Oakland kidnapping of a mother and adult daughter in May 2007. One woman was held with a bag over her head in a deserted house on Avenal Avenue and tortured to reveal where an associate kept his money. A fake police cruiser had been used to pull the women over on freeway in Oakland. Halfin, Yusuf Bey IV, Yusuf Bey V, Joshua Bey and bakery associate Richard Lewis were charged in the case.

In late August 2007, Halfin was charged with 20 criminal acts for allegedly using a fake driver’s license and forged Bank of America statement to secure more than $1 million to purchase two homes in Oakland in late 2005. The scheme is similar to the one that bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV allegedly used to purchase another Oakland house.

Halfin also was charged in a November 2005 incident in which several men went on a rampage through two Oakland liquor stores, purportedly to make the owners stop selling alcohol to African Americans. The highly publicized attack was caught by store surveillance cameras.

Halfin pleaded no contest to vandalism. Yusuf Bey IV and bakery associates Donald Cunningham, Kahlil Raheem and Dyamen Williams still face multiple counts of felony vandalism, in addition to hate crimes and false imprisonment charges.

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