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Nisayah Yahudah

Nisayah Yahudah was known as Sister Felicia in 1968 when Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad sent her to the Bay Area to head a training program for Black Muslim women. There was Mosque 26 in San Francisco, and a short time later in Oakland, the new Mosque 26B, founded in 1970 and headed by brothers Billy X and Joseph X Stephens. A rivalry began to brew between the two mosques. The brothers had also started Your Black Muslim Bakery, which became a powerful community and political over the next 35 years.

Yahudah began to spend time with Joseph X. This, as a former Mosque 26 member recounted, raised eyebrows in the community because of Mosque 26’s strict adherence to the separation of the sexes.  Yahudah split with Mosque 26 as tensions rose, adopting the name Nisa Islam. Joseph X split with Mosque 26B and the Nation of Islam in the early 1970s, as well, taking the bakery and a new name, Yusuf Ali Bey. His legal wife, Bernice O. Stephens, became known as Farieda Bey. According to testimony from former bakery family members, Yahudah, as Nisa Islam, lived with Yusuf Bey and became known also as Nisa Bey. In 1974, he asked her then to adopt a baby that Bey fathered with another young follower, Esperanza Johnson, known then as Nora Bey.

Yahudah returned Johnson’s child to her, when she left Bey six years later in 1980. She developed a career in local television on Bay Area cable stations. She also helped Bey produce a program called “True Solutions,” a rebroadcast of his weekly speeches on self-empowerment at his bakery. It ran on “Soul Beat,” a paid-programming channel that served Oakland’s black community. Over time, she became friendly with Soul Beat‘s news director in the 1990s, Chauncey Bailey, maintained a friendship with him as he took on the editor’s position at the Oakland Post in 2007.

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  1. I Feel you should take Nisayah Yahudah out of your google report, why should you spread her name all over the internet, she had nothing to do with the Chauncey Bailey murder. Why do you feel you have the right to try to destroy some one else life. you are going on hearsay.this project is full of holes. Why would you give this type of publicity to a person who had nothing to do with this event.It is just pure evil of this so called project. if you were a friend of Chauncey Bailey you would know that he would not appreciate you talking about a friend of his in this manner. I Think it is low down of all of you concerned. spreading her name all over the internet in this way, it is really low-down.

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