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Jane Doe 3

Jane Doe 3 was a troubled 13-year-old when she applied to work at Your Black Muslim Bakery in 1994.

She, along with Jane Doe 1, 2 and 4, formed the basis of 27 counts of sexual abuse charges levied in 2002 against the politically powerful Yusuf Ali Bey, who had built the bakery and its enterprises in Oakland based on the message of self-reliance. Because of the sensitive nature of the allegations, the girls, now women, have not been identified.

Within a week, Doe 3 testified, Yusuf Bey began raping her and sending men to fetch her when she failed to show up for work.

Doe 3 left the bakery in 1995 and told her probation officer about the assaults. The probation officer filed a police report in 1996.

The probation officer said the teen told her that during the 16 months she worked there, Bey raped her and was physically abusive. Bey told her he would be her “daddy,” and he promised to make her one of his wives. She told her probation officer Bey had sexual intercourse with at least three of her friends, all under age 14, and two of the girls became pregnant.

But the girl was too afraid to take it further. She and her mother told the probation officer they were sure Bey would kill them to protect himself. Twelve days later, police got a letter from an attorney saying the child and her mother did not want to talk to police. Police dropped the case. “Complainant refuses to prosecute,” says the 1996 report obtained by the Chauncey Bailey Project.

Nothing further was done until 2002. Officer James Saleda, who was investigating the case of Jane Doe I, had seen the probation report, and eventually tracked down Jane Doe 3. In late October 2002, she became the third witness in the criminal case against Bey, but he died a year later before he could be tried.

In 2005, in their civil suit against two of Bey’s wives, Jane Doe 3, 2 and 1 also gave sworn depositions detailing the attacks.

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