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Jane Doe 1

When Jane Doe 1 went to the Oakland Police Department for help in spring 2002, it was not for herself. She believed that her daughter had been sexually molested by the girl’s father — Yusuf Ali Bey, the founder of Your Black Muslim Bakery.

Jane Doe 1 had her own story of sexual assault, however, which triggered the case against the patriarch of the Bey family empire. She would later testify that for 10 years, as a child, she, too, had been molested by Yusuf Ali Bey, and that she bore him three children while still a minor. Court-ordered DNA tests confirmed paternity.

She also testified that her sister, Jane Doe 2, faced a similar ordeal and bore Bey’s children.

In 1978, when Jane Doe 1 was 9 years old and her sister 10, their father took them to the bakery to live. Bey arranged for Nora Bey, one of his spiritual wives, to be their legal guardian. Every month, for several years, she received $450 in county welfare payments for each child, which she turned over to Yusuf Bey.

The rapes and beatings began when when each was 10, they said in sworn testimony years later.

For a decade they stayed at the Bey family compound adjacent to the bakery at 5832 San Pablo Ave. or in nearby family homes. Bey sexually abused them throughout that time, they said, and between them, they bore him five children.

Jane Doe 1 described her first experience when Yusuf Bey called her and her 11-year-old sister to come upstairs, then forced the girls to have oral sex with him. He sent Doe 1 to stand in the closet while he assaulted her older sister, then forced Doe 2 to the closet and attacked Doe 1, she testified.

Social workers did nothing when Jane Doe 1 became pregnant at 13, even though her stepmother noticed and reported it.

Nora Bey left Yusuf Bey when she started a cookie business and did not want to turn the profits to Yusuf Bey. The girls, now 20 and 21, were able leave when Nora Bey offered an avenue to join her.

On June 20, 2002, 14 years after she escaped the bakery, Jane Doe 1, then 34, learned that Yusuf Bey had allegedly molested their teenage daughter. That day, she later testified, she went to the Oakland police.

But Doe 1’s daughter did not want to get involved. The daughter “also admitted that it was uncomfortable to be alone with the suspect and children in the family knew never to go around him alone, to always go in groups,” Saleda wrote in his 22-page investigative report.The identities of Jane Doe 1 and the

other witnesses in the case have not been released because of the sensitive nature of their allegations. Jane Doe 1 bore Bey’s children when she was 13, 15 and 17, Saleda calculated in his report.

On Sept. 19, 2002, at 8 a.m. Saleda notified Bey he had a signed warrant for his arrest. Yusuf Bey surrendered at Oakland police headquarters. He posted bail and was released.

As the news of Bey’s arrest spread, people began to contact the police with stories of other girls. Saleda investigated those and looked deeper into old reports.

Eventually, Jane Doe 1, 2, 3, and 4 provided the Alameda County District Attorney with the information that led to the filing of 27 counts of rape and sexual abuse. The charges involving Jane Doe 1, 2, and 3 were later dropped because of a ruling affecting the state’s statute of limitations, but the charges involving Jane Doe 4 were expanded. Yusuf Bey died in 2003 before going to trial.

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