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Antron Thurman

Antron Thurman, also known as Tony Donald, has been involved in several questionable Bay Area real estate deals with his wife, Esperanza Johnson. Johnson lived and worked at Your Black Muslim Bakery for 20 years and bore three of founder Yusuf Ali Bey’s 42 children.

Among a half-dozen cases in which Thurman or Johnson have been involved, people have been forced from their homes, faced with foreclosure, and drained of their savings, according to information in civil suits and judgments. Thurman and Johnson owe more than $1.1 million in unpaid taxes to the IRS.

In a 2003 case, a disabled bus porter and his sister lost their family home, when a man they trusted sold the home to Thurman, pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars and disappearing. The porter, Donald Taylor, sued to reclaim the house and Thurman counter-sued, claiming he’d bought the house for $374,388, and demanded they pay rent or be evicted. Taylor lost his home and possessions, and is  an indigent living on the public welfare rolls. In 2004, Thurman sold the home to Madeeah Bey, a spiritual wife of Yusuf Bey, for $520,000. She sold it for $850,000 less than a year later. It is assessed at $867,000.

In one 2004 Hercules case, Thurman and Johnson somehow acquired a home that was an asset of an company that had defrauded its investors, despite a federal judge ordering the asset frozen. Thurman sold it to an employee, pocketing more than $60,000 from escrow. Thurman’s employee, Jamie Bonilla, sold the house at a profit of $211,690, a few months later.

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