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Devaughndre Broussard

Devaughndre Broussard is awaiting trial in the Aug. 2, 2007, murder of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey. The 19-year-old handyman for the Your Black Muslim Bakery told police he killed Bailey because he was angry the journalist was working on stories about the bakery’s finances. Her recanted his confession two weeks later.

Broussard was arrested the day after Bailey was gunned down in Oakland, swept up in a police raid on the bakery that also took into custody the organization’s leader, Yusuf Bey IV. Bey was arrested on felony kidnapping charges unrelated to Bailey’s murder.

Broussard, who was not allowed to meet with his attorney for two weeks, initially denied involvement in the killing. After being placed in an interrogation room with Bey, he confessed to shooting Bailey with a shotgun. He later told his lawyer that Bey had directed him to take the fall for the bakery because that was “what a good soldier does.”

Broussard has an earlier assault conviction for his part in the robbery of a bus passenger in San Francisco.

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  1. Mr Black says:

    Its not rocket science, Obviously Mackey was a police informant and a planted provocateur inside the Bakery,
    Use your investigative energy to pursue who really is responsible. Start demanding to know how OPD was involved in Chauncey Bailey’s murder, who helped Yusuf Bey IV stay out of jail? Longmire couldn’t have done it alone. Your vendetta against the entire Bey family is transparent to our community

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