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Nedir Bey

Services, a home health organization. The city council approved the funds. (Oakland Tribune)
Nedir Bey, a confidante and “spiritually adopted” son of the later Yusuf Ali Bey, was the CEO of E.M. Health Services. He was born Victor Rene Foster.

In 1994, Nedir Bey and Abaz Bey, another spiritually adopted son of the bakery founder, were charged with abducting, assaulting, torturing and robbing a man they claimed had cheated them on a real estate transaction. The arrests resulted in a standoff between bakery members and 40 Oakland police officers.

Two years later, with heavy community support, Nedir Bey lobbied city leaders into awarding E.M. Health Services a $1.1 million economic revitalization loan to train welfare recipients to be home health aides. But E.M. Health quickly foundered and defaulted in 1998. In addition to Bey’s salary of $108,000, the company also paid salaries salaries to Nedir Bey’s wife and three of Yusuf Bey’s wives, who were receiving welfare at the same time. Other questionable expenses flagged by city staff included large consulting fees, expensive furniture and a leased Cadillac. Including liens and interest, the city says Bey’s firm owes $1.5 million but has not made a single loan payment.

Nevertheless, when Bey ran for City Council District 4 in March 2002, reaping $14,700 in public matching funds but garnering only 268 votes, the head of Oakland’s Public Ethics Commission questioned Bey’s campaign expenditures, but no local or state investigation was ever conducted.

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