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Birdie Mae Scott

Birdie Mae Scott (courtesy of family)
Birdie Mae Scott (courtesy of family)

Birdie Mae Scott (courtesy of family)

Birdie Mae Scott, 33, was a member of the Santa Barbara Nation of Islam mosque that Yusuf Ali Bey and his brother started in the mid-1960s, when they were known as Joseph X Stephens and Billy X Stephens. She and her husband, Wendell Scott, 30, were slain in 1968 as they slept in their apartment; their two children were unharmed.  Wendell Scott had complained to leaders of the Nation of Islam that he had been forced to burn two cars that belonged the Stephens brothers’ mother so they could collect insurance money. The Scotts were suspended from the mosque when Billy X Stephens, the minister, found out about the letter. Two weeks later, they were dead.

Santa Barbara police reopened the 39-year-old case in April 2008. They cited similarities observed in the widespread news reports about the Aug. 2, 2007 slaying of journalist Chauncey Bailey, and other unsolved crimes involving principal members of  Your Black Muslim Bakery.

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